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CAMTC License #79456
AMTA License #1655286

I have always had a desire to do something that helps people live healthier, better lives.  For twenty years I worked in the corporate world in the facility management industry where I managed programs around ergonomics, emergency response, and public safety.

After experiencing first hand the miraculous benefits of regular massage therapy, I know that this is my calling, so I left the corporate world and attended massage training at the National Holistic Institute.  Now I m thrilled to be able to bring everything I have learned to my own practice, offering my clients the opportunity to live healthier lives through enhanced relaxation, reduced muscular tension, and pain management.

Why 4to7 massage?

I created 4to7 massage to bring these gifts to my clients and to help educate them at the same time.  On the typical 0 to 10 pressure scale, it is commonly believed that the therapeutic range is between 4 and 7.  That is the goal of every session to achieve optimal results.  I look forward to giving you the 4to7 experience!

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