Massages During Covid-19


The occurrence of COVID-19 has required many businesses to adjust how they operate.  I am thrilled to once again be able to offer in studio massage therapy in Oakland for my clients, however for the health and safety of all of my clients (and myself) there are a few specific precautions which must be taken.


What is Required of my Clients?


  • Clients must be aware of their general health.  If a client is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or has had known exposure to someone who is infected with COVID-19, they must notify me and reschedule their appointment for a later time.  A cancellation fee will not be charged.  Also, on the day of the appointment, I ask clients to take their temperature.  If their temperature is above their normal, the appointment should be rescheduled.


  • All clients are required to wear an appropriate face cover to their appointments which must be put on before entering the building.  The face cover must remain on until they leave the building.  Masks must be worn over the nose, mouth and chin.  Vented masks (including N95 masks) are not permitted unless a non-vented mask is worn underneath.  As relates to Coronavirus, the purpose of wearing a mask is to protect others from the wearer.  Vented masks allow the wearer’s breath to freely escape the mask which defeats the purpose.  I also ask that clients not wear neck gaiters or scarves/bandanas as these interfere with the neck and shoulder work. 


  • Clients are asked to be reasonably freshly bathed before their appointments.  This reduces the likelihood of contact exposure to Coronavirus. 


  • Upon arrival for an appointment, clients are asked to text me to notify me of their arrival.  The number to text is provided in the email appointment confirmation.  Clients should wait outside the building and I will come to get them.  This will enable clients to enter the building, the suite, and the treatment room without touching anything.  


  • There is a sink in my treatment room for clients to wash their hands.  I ask all clients to wash their hands as they are getting undressed and on the table.


My Commitment to My Clients.


  • I will, of course, monitor my own health.  If I have any symptoms, or if I have a known exposure to someone who has COVID-19, I will cancel my appointments and reschedule them for a later time.  I will check my temperature every day before I leave the house.

  • I will wear a mask over my nose, mouth and chin from before clients arrive, until after they have gone.


  • The massage table and face cradle will be sanitized between clients and at the beginning and end of each day.  Also, doorknobs, light switches, and other high touch points are sanitized several times a day.  While I will be the only one to touch these items, keeping them sanitized, increases everyone’s protection.  Faucet knobs will be sanitized between each client.

  • Fresh, clean linens are used for each treatment.  Linens are never used twice between washings.

  • I will wash my hands, up to my elbows with soap and warm water before and after every treatment. Hand sanitizer will be available for client and therapist, as well.

  • Each client will have a sanitary, individual supply of massage lotion which will never have come into contact with another client.

  • Finally, while wearing nitrile gloves is not necessary, nor is it my preference, I am willing to wear them for individual treatments upon request of the client.  

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